How do I create a new order in the admin?

New orders can be created directly from the admin, this can be useful if a customer places an order over the telephone or any other method that is not directly from the storefront.

To create a new order we’ll first navigate to the orders list page and click the “+ New Order” button at the top of the page.



Next we’ll be present with a similar screen to the order details page just without a customer or any products.



How do I add products to the order?

In order to add products to the order we’ll click the “+ Add Items” button located in the items box. Clicking this button will launch the product picker allowing us to search, filter and select the products we want to add to this order.



Within the product picker we can find the first product we need to add to the order, click on the row to be presented with the product’s variants. Ticking the box to the left of the variant name will add the item to our temporary cart.



Next we’ll find and add any other products required to our cart. You will notice as we are ticking products to add to our order they are shown in the center of the product picker footer.

Clicking the items in the footer will show us all of the products in our temporary cart, along with the ability to change the quantity and remove items. When we’re finished selecting the products we can click the “Add Products” button to close the product picker and add the products to the order.


How do I add a customer to the order?

Now we’ve added the products we can move onto selecting or creating the customer that this order is for.

The first option is “Guest customer”. This option should be used when the customer does not already exist in the system. We only need an email address in order to process the order however we do have the option to create a new customer account using the email address we provide.



If the customer already exists in the system we can click the “Existing customer” option and then search for the customer using the search box provided. Selecting a customer from the list will then add the customer to the order.



You will also notice that for both types of customer selection we have the option to send an order confirmation email to them by ticking the box at the bottom of this section, this option is selected by default.


How do I add billing information to the order?

Now we’ve added a customer we’ll need to set the billing address. To do so we’ll navigate to the box below the customer information on the right hand side.

If we have selected a customer in the previous section we can select any addresses they have saved from the drop down menu at the top of the box, if this is a new customer or the customer does not have any addresses saved, then we will be presented with only the address form.


How do I apply a discount code to the order?

Orders created using the admin also have access to the same discount codes as the storefront. In order to use a discount code we’ll navigate to the discount section of the page, located below the items box on the left hand side. From here we can enter the discount code and click “Apply”, we’ll be notified the discount has been applied and the page will update.


How do I ship to an address that is different to the billing address?

By default the order will be shipped to the billing address. We can override this by navigating to the shipping information located at the bottom of the left column and selecting the “Ship to a different address” option.

When we select this option the form for the shipping address will be displayed and we just need to fill out the information.


What are order notes?

In the bottom right hand corner we have a section named notes, from here we can add notes to the order. Notes added to an order are saved as private comments that cannot be viewed by the customer.

Notes can be helpful to you and other users of the admin particularly when the order has been placed over the telephone.

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