How do I create a new return or refund?

Sometimes customers return things, sometimes for legitimate reasons, other times well, we’re not here to talk about that.

Fortunately, Aero is ready to handle even the most complex refunds and returns. In order to process a refund of return we start by heading over to the orders page and finding the order that needs our attention.
When we’re on the order page we can start a new return or refund by clicking on the “+ New Return / Refund” button.



From here we’ll be presented with the return and refund page.



The top of this page displays all of the products in the order, as you will see all of the items have a dropdown selector for the quantity, with all of them currently showing as “0”. You will also notice that the “restock” checkbox is selected by default and that the exchange button is currently disabled.

If we change one of the product quantities we’ll see the “exchange” button is now available, as we are telling the system that this is the item in the order that is going to be returned.

Clicking the exchange button will present us with the product picker, allowing us to easily search our inventory for an item to exchange.

The restock option will add the item back to your inventory.



Towards the bottom of the page we’ll see the “Payment information” section where we can offer a refund for the item(s) being returned.



You can combine refunds and exchanges where needed.

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