How do I fulfill an order?

Once your customers start placing orders you’ll need to fulfil them, unless you want a lot of unhappy customers.

Fulfilments – with the exception of some digital products – usually require actions taken outside of the Aero platform, such as packing and posting.

When an order is received it will show on the order list page and can be fulfilled from the list page, via the bulk actions or by clicking into the order and clicking the “+ New Fulfilment” button.



Next you will be presented with the fulfilment screen, here you can;

  • Choose the fulfillment method
  • Select the items from the order to add to the fulfillment
  • Add the weight of the fulfillment
  • Add tracking information to the fulfillment


Once we have filled in this information we click the “save” button.

Upon saving the fulfillment the order status will change from “successful” to “processing”.

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