How to Extend the Elastic Search Listing Model

The Aero\Search\Elastic\Models\Listing model is built up from an array of data returned from elastic search. You can modify the model's attributes through the Aero\Search\Elastic\Pipelines\ListingAttributes pipeline.

For example you can change every listing’s name to be “Example”.

It’s important to note that this pipeline is run for every listing that is loaded, everytime. If you use this approach to add a resource intensive calculation it’s important to take steps such as caching so performance isn’t impacted.


namespace Acme\MyModule;

use Aero\Common\Providers\ModuleServiceProvider;
use Aero\Search\Elastic\Pipelines\ListingAttributes;

class ServiceProvider extends ModuleServiceProvider
   public function setup()
       ListingAttributes::extend(function ($attributes) {
           $attributes['name'] = 'Example';

           return $attributes;

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