How do I re-index listing and search documents?

Aero automatically manages indexing changes to documents. For example, if a product's stock level changes the document is updated to reflect the current version. Adding and removing documents is also taken care of for you, sparing the need to schedule in daily tasks to update the store's entire catalog. However, in cases where a large amount of data has been manually changed, or an addition to the document structure has been made, a re-index of all documents can be carried out using the following command:

php artisan aero:search:reindex

If there have only been modifications to a certain document (for example, only the listing document structure has been extended) then the document type can be passed as an option, which will only re-index the documents with the provided type. The available types correspond to the names of the elastic documents, listing, and product.

php artisan aero:search:reindex --type=listing

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