What are the available events for the product picker?




This event emits when the action button is clicked (bottom right of the modal) and provides an array of all of the selected product(s)/variant(s).


This event emits when the action button is clicked (bottom right of the modal) and is emitted for each product/variant that has been selected - only a single product/variant is provided.



The usual use-case for the Product Picker is to allow users to select products and/or variants to be added to a list. This example code is a Blade view that allows the user to select up to 5 products or variants and then displays them in a list with a custom message. It also allows the user to remove the selected products/variants. The next steps to make this code fully functional would be to wrap the table in a form and to add a submit button that saves the products/variants.


       <a href="{{ route('admin.modules') }}" class="btn">@include('admin::icons.back') Back</a>
       <span class="ml-4">My Module</span>

   <div class="card p-0">
               <tr class="header">
                   <th class="whitespace-no-wrap">Model</th>
                   <th class="whitespace-no-wrap">Sku</th>
                   <th class="whitespace-no-wrap">Message</th>
               <tr v-for="(item, index) in list" :key="item.buyable_id + item.buyable_type" v-cloak>
                   <td class="whitespace-no-wrap">
                       <input type="hidden" :name="'items[' + index + '][buyable_id]'" :value="item.buyable_id">
                       <input type="hidden" :name="'items[' + index + '][buyable_type]'" :value="item.buyable_type">
                       <span v-text="item.model"></span>
                   <td class="whitespace-no-wrap" v-if="item.sku" v-text="item.sku"></td>
                   <td class="whitespace-no-wrap" v-else><span class="text-grey">—</span></td>
                   <td class="whitespace-no-wrap">
                       <input type="text" :name="'items[' + index + '][message]'" v-model="item.message" placeholder="Message">
                       <div class="flex items-center justify-end">
                           <a href="#" @click.prevent="list.splice(index, 1)">@include('admin::icons.bin')</a>
               <tr v-if="list.length === 0">
                   <td colspan="4">No data to show</td>

       <product-picker v-slot="picker"
                       v-if="list.length < 5"
                       get-products-url="{{ route('admin.catalog.products.picker') }}"
           <a href="#" @click.prevent="picker.open" class="btn m-4">Add Product</a>

       window.AeroAdmin.addData('list', []);

       window.AeroAdmin.addMethod('selected', function (item) {
           if (this.findIndex(item.buyable_id, item.buyable_type) === -1) {
                   message: '',
           } else {
                   type: 'error',
                   title: (item.sku ?? item.name) + ' has already been added to the list',

       window.AeroAdmin.addMethod('findIndex', function (id, type) {
           return this.list.findIndex((l) => l.buyable_id === id && l.buyable_type === type);

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