How do I use the product picker in my custom module?

The Product Picker provides a modal that lets users select a single or many products/variants with quantities. Parts of the admin use this such as the Price Lists and Create Order form. Modules such as aerocargo/upsells also make use of the Product Picker.

You can use the <product-picker></product-picker> Vue component from any admin view inside of your module that extends the official admin layout (admin::layouts.main). When using the Product Picker you need to provide a url for the get-products-url prop (this value is usually always the admin.catalog.products.picker route) and you need to provide a slot for the button that will be used to open the picker.


       <a href="{{ route('admin.modules') }}" class="btn">@include('admin::icons.back') Back</a>
       <span class="ml-4">My Module</span>

   <div class="card">
       <product-picker v-slot="picker"
                       get-products-url="{{ route('admin.catalog.products.picker') }}">
           <a href="#" @click.prevent="" class="btn">Add Product</a>


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