Admin v1.3 Released

It's been almost 2 weeks since the last admin release, and we're back with more features!

We've continued to improve the list views (we call these resource lists), and have added support for searching on specific columns. This offers several benefits, but the main ones are performance and accuracy. As with 99% of things we roll-out, this system can be extended so you can add your own "search fields" to scope the results.


As if this wasn't a great enough feature to throw into this minor release, we've also launched support for "saved filters". What are those I hear you ask? Well...imagine bookmarks but contextual and shared across your team. We call these "Saved Views" and they should really help on the order, product and customer lists (although they can be set on any list page). They're custom to you so can be tailored to those filters you use the most.


Another unsung hero we've managed to slip in is the ability to specify a central file driver for media uploaded to your store. This makes it super simple to shift assets and storage to S3 compatible services.

As always, we've thrown in a bunch of bug fixes and additions:

  • [Added] Support for searching by specific columns in resource lists
  • [Added] Ability to save filters into views
  • [Added] Support for store based file driver
  • [Added] Slots for discount screens
  • [Added] Support for discount additional attributes
  • [Added] Support for bulk actions to not be runnable (view only) and wide content mode
  • [Changed] Permissions for returns
  • [Fixed] Mail BCC string issue
  • [Fixed] Issue with collection link
  • [Fixed] Discount validation JS error for multi-codes
  • [Fixed] Subscription plan additional attributes now save

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