What queues does Aero use?

Queues are used so that HTTP requests can remain snappy and more intensive code can be executed later. You can learn more about queues here.





This queue has search jobs. The majority of these jobs will be responsible for reindexing listings.


This queue has email jobs. Whenever an email is sent and queued in your application, it will be in this queue.


This queue has subscription jobs. The majority of these jobs are responsible for creating and processing subscriptions.


This queue has any jobs that are not in one of the other queues. These jobs can be anything from order created event handlers to customer created event handlers.


Aero uses four queues so that you can have different workers completing different tasks without a risk of locks or jobs being handled more than once. It’s important to note that some queues should be considered more important than others (for example, processing events such as an order created event is more important than updating your search index). In a production environment you should use tools like Supervisor to manage your queue workers.


You can use the queue work command to run all of or only specific queues (if you adjust the list of queues in the command). It’s important to note that the order of the queues in the command defines their priority.

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