What are the available payment gateways?

A cash payment method is provided out of the box, which allows developers to complete orders through the checkout without having to worry about installing and configuring a payment gateway.

The cash payment method should be disabled before the store is put live.

The following payment methods are built into the platform:

  • Cash
  • Gift Voucher
  • Paymentless (for when no payment is needed)

Supported Gateways

If you are a payment gateway interested in partnering with Aero, or the one you're looking for isn't listed below, then please contact us to discuss further.

Aero offers and maintains the following gateway integrations, with more being added all the time.

Some gateways also support additional functionality which is indicated by the icons below. You - or your retailer - should consult with the gateway regarding any extra requirements needed from them in order to use these features.

πŸ’Ύ Supports saving of card details
Customers can save their card details and re-use them on future orders. This is typically done via generating a payment token which identifies the card to the gateway, and no sensitive card information is collected or stored on your server.

πŸ“ž Supports MOTO
MOTO orders are taken by mail or telephone and these drivers will allow you to submit "cardholder not present" payments through the Aero admin.

πŸ”— Supports Pay By Link
An Aero feature allowing you to email a link to your customer so that they can pay for their order online even if it was taken over the phone or had previously been abandoned

Card Payments Finance / BNPL

Open Banking

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Gateways supporting Apple Pay and Google Pay are as follows - please note additional integration such as domain verification and certificates, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay accounts may be required in order to take payments through digital wallets.

Please ensure you are on the latest available version of your integration, and check the integration's README for further instructions on what is required.

Driver Apple Pay Google Pay
Adyen * Yes Yes
Barclaycard Fuse Yes Yes
checkout.com Yes Yes
DNA Payments * Yes Yes
Opayo * Yes No
Secure Trading Yes No
Stripe * Yes Yes
Total Processing Yes Yes
Tyl by NatWest * Yes Yes
Windcave Yes Yes
Worldline * Yes Yes

* - Support provided by gateway without requiring separate Apple Pay / Google Pay account

Other Available Gateways

We also have integrations available for the following gateways but do not officially support them as they have been built by third parties or have been deprecated. You can still install and use them but we will be unable to offer assistance if you experience issues:

  • Payl8r (deprecated)
  • Zip (no longer supports UK merchants)

Need a payment gateway that isn't listed above?

See our "Introduction to payment drivers" and start learning how to create your own.

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