How do I return a payment response in my payment driver?

To unify all payment gateway driver communication, an Aero\Payment\Responses\PaymentResponse class is used. This common class must be returned from the register, complete, capture, refund and cancel methods.


Setting the payment view

Many payment gateways use an iframe or JavaScript code to bridge the store with the gateway provider. In order to output this to the customer on the checkout, or telephone operator for MOTO payments, the PaymentResponse can define a view to output. To do so, pass the view to the setView method. If no view is set, a JSON response will be returned.


Passing data to the payment view

If there is data to be passed to the view or JSON response, the setData method should be used.


Marking as successful

To indicate that the action carried out in the method was successful, then the response should be flagged as successful calling the setSuccessful method on the PaymentResponse.


Adding error messages

If an error occurred during the action, these messages can be passed to the PaymentResponse using the setError method.


Redirecting the user

If further action is required where the user needs to be redirected to a different URL (to complete 3D-secure on the card issuers website for example), a redirect can be set using the setRedirect method.

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