How do I configure the Google Shopping feed?

Generating the taxonomy

Generating the taxonomy table is a required task after we’ve initially installed the package, and is the source of all the categories provided by google shopping.


To generate the taxonomies table we can:

  1. Navigate to the modules’ section in the admin and generate taxonomies through the modules’ interface
  2. Run a command from the root project directory:
php artisan aero:google:taxonomies


Setting a CRON run at time

We can specify the time at which the taxonomies should be updated automatically. This can be changed by:

  1. Editing the config.php file and manually adding the CRON time
  2. Setting the value in the admin modules’ section under Configuration in the Google Shopping module.


Query parameters

Query parameters are used for every variant link that is input into the XML feed. These can be used to grab different prices such as included and excluded VAT. To set query parameters:

  1. Navigate to the modules section of the admin, go into Google Shopping and Configure.
  2. Add your query parameters without any double or single quotation symbols in the following format:
KEY=VALUE for a single parameter
KEY=VALUE, KEY2=VALUE2 and so on for multiple parameters
  1. Click on save

Each of our variants should now be output into the XML feed with the query parameters we have specified.


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