Introduction to events for developers

Events are a method of notifying different parts of Aero of tasks that have either been completed or need completing right after something has occurred. Events are only fired when a specified listener has been assigned to it and appropriately notified.

The events are always declared first in any Service Provider, while the listeners are wrapped within the event class. This is because we might need a number of listeners for a given event, each responsible for carrying out different tasks.

See our section on events for more information.

Example of an event:


namespace Aero\Account\Events;

use Aero\Account\Models\Customer;
use Aero\Events\ManagedEvent;

class CustomerUpdated extends ManagedEvent
    public $customer;
    public $customerName;
    public $customerEmail;

    public static $variables = [

    public function __construct(Customer $customer)
        $this->customer = $customer;
        $this->customerName = $customer->name;
        $this->customerEmail = $customer->email;

    public function getNotifiable()
        return $this->customer;

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