Tags are a convenient way to group products together. They allow you to associate products for customers convenience, this includes:

  • Creating selected lists - E.g. editors picks or seasonal recommendations
  • Associating similar colours - E.g you could assign a tag 'Blue' to 'Royal Blue' and 'Navy' products, allowing your customers to search for a more generic term.

Tags example

Here's an example of tags used within the 'colour' attribute. As you can see:

  • The tags 'Red' and 'Burst' are used to describe the offical colour name of "Burnt Amber Burst".
  • The tag 'Gray' is used to describe the offical colour name of "Elephant Gray"



Tags within listings

Tags can be included as filters within your listings. This provides your customers with an easy way to search for similar products.

If you don't want certain tags to appear in listings, you can disable the feature on a per tag basis.

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