How do I create a new attribute?

Individual attributes are tied to their group, in order to create a new attribute you must first decide which group you want to add this new attribute to.

First navigate to the attribute listings page and select the group you want to add new attributes or create a new attribute group and then click the "+ New Attribute" button at the of the Attributes section.



Clicking the "+ New Attribute" button will add a new row to the attributes table. Attributes have a number of fields available;

  • Name - Enter the attribute name - e.g. black or small
  • Display Name - Enter the display name if this is different to name (also used by the colour swatches display type to display the colour)
  • Tags - Select any tags from the selection box - start by entering the first few letters of the tag
  • Image - Optional - Add an image using drag and drop, or clicking, on the Drop image box 



Tags make searching easier for your customers. They allow you to assign broader identifiers to your attributes. For example, you might have the following attributes:

  • Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue

These attributes could both be assigned the tag Blue

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