What is a variant product?

Variant products are complex products that have options such as colour or size.

Variant products provide greater flexibility however required more set up and configuration than single products. Attributes are used to differentation between variants of the same product.

Within Aero, variant products are complex products. They can have multiple differentiating attributes, such as size and colour. Each variant will have its own unique product identifier.

A variant product has variations such as size or colour.


Typical examples of variant products include:

  • Items of clothing with different colours and sizes
  • Shelving units of different heights and widths


Top-level and sub-products products

When you create a variant product, you are creating a top-level product. Each attribute you assign will create 1 or more sub-products. In Aero these sub-products are called 'variants'.

Variant product example

Let's say you have an 'Aero T-Shirt' product. 2 attributes as follows:

Colour: with 3 options: Steel Blue, Slate and Vin Rouge
Material: with 2 options: Suede and Fabric



6 variants will be created representing the different colour and material combinations, each identified by a unique SKU code.


The actual number of variants can be manually reduced if certain combinations do not exist

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