How do I create a custom dashboard lens?

To create a dashboard lens you need to create a class that extends Aero\Admin\AdminLens and implements the data method.


data Method

This method is executed every time the lens needs data (when the dashboard loads or when the dashboard date range is changed). This method must return an Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse because it is called on the frontend by javascript.


data Method Parameters

Type Description
Request The first parameter is the request.
Array The second parameter is an array that holds the start and end date selected for the dashboard stats. This array has a start and end key that has the dates.
Array The third parameter is an array that holds information about the comparison dates. This array has a type key that is 1 for the same period prior, 2 for the same period 1 year ago, or 3 for a custom period. This array has a date key that has the same structure as the second parameter. This array also has a text key that holds text to be displayed to explain the comparison.

Here is the code for our top shipping countries implementation:


namespace Aero\Admin\Lenses;

use Aero\Admin\AdminLens;
use Aero\Cart\Models\Order;
use Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Illuminate\Support\Str;

class TopShippingCountriesLens extends AdminLens
   protected $title = 'Top Shipping Countries';

   protected static $permission = 'reports.orders';

   protected static $containerClass = 'row-span-2';

   protected $view = 'admin::lenses.percentage-list';

   public function data(Request $request, array $date, array $compare): JsonResponse
       $countries = Order::visible()->with('')->whereHas('shippingAddress')
           ->whereBetween('ordered_at', [$date['start'], $date['end']])->get()
           ->map(function ($group, $key) {
               return [
                   'name' => $key,
                   'count' => $group->count(),
                   'percentage' => 0,

       $total = $countries->reduce(function ($count, $country) {
           return $count + $country['count'];
       }, 0);

       $countries->transform(function ($country) use ($total) {
           $country['value'] = number_format(($country['count'] / $total) * 100, 2);
           $country['text'] = $country['count'].' '.Str::plural('order', $country['count']);
           $country['percentage'] = $country['value'].'%';

           return $country;

       return response()->json([
           'items' => $countries,

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