How do I change the images on my product?

In order to update your products images, first you will need to navigate to the product in the admin. To do this use the "Catalog Management" menu and locate the "Products" button.

Next we'll scroll down to the images section.

You can upload images by clicking the button or dragging your images onto the box in the page.

Once your images have uploaded you can hover over the image to see the options available on the image;

  • Default - checking the default box will use the image when no variant has been selected by the customer (only shown when the product has variants).
  • Alt - clicking the alt text button will present you with a text field to put in some alt text for this image. Alt text is used by screen readers in order to provide a description to disabled users.
  • Delete - clicking on the bin icon will remove the image from the product.

Images can be re-ordered by dragging them into the order you want to display them to the customer.

If you are editing a product that has variants then you will have additional options available;

Clicking the "Toggle default/attribute images" checkbox allows you to choose which of your images apply to which variant.

Using the select menu to choose the variant will then allow you to drag the images you wish to use for the selected variant.

The order of attribute images can again be changed by dragging the images to re-order them.

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